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Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Radford, VA

Riverbluff Retrievers Breeds Generational Labradoodles

If you are looking for Labradoodle puppies for sale in Radford, VA, contact Riverbluff Retrievers. Labradoodles make wonderful family dogs. Labradoodles are a mixture of a labrador retriever and a poodle. You will find them cuddly for sleepy mornings, but also energetic enough to run outside with the kids.

The pups for sale from Riverbluff Retrievers come with a guarantee of good health. Puppies receive deworming treatments and first immunizations. Before breeding, parents are checked for hip and elbow issues that could be passed along. Check out the pups we have available below. Text Riverbluff Retrievers at (540) 239-1734 for further details about the puppy in the pictures.

Qualities of a Labradoodle: the Labrador Retriever & Poodle Mix

The popularity of labradoodles continues to grow across the country. The labradoodle was originally bred to combine the personality of a labrador retriever and the low-shedding poodle coat. Labradoodles come in various sizes, being mostly influenced by the size of the poodle parent. Most Labradoodles will need several brushings a week and regular fur trimming. While not completely non-shedding, most labradoodles are very low shed, depending on the cross and individual puppy. They also naturally produce fewer dog allergens, triggering fewer allergic reactions.

Labradoodles are high-energy dogs. While they will lay on the couch with you, this is after a good run in the yard. Most labradoodles do well in homes where they can regularly run and play throughout the day. Mental exercise is also necessary for these smart dogs. Highly intelligent and eager to please, these qualities make labradoodles easily trainable.

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