Standard Labradoodles
Characters in their own right, F2 Labradoodles are a wonderful, fun loving cross betweeen two first generation labradoodles. They maintain some of the best characteristics of both the labrador retriever and poodle. The playful Retriever personality is a very fine trait with the low to no shedding haircoat of the poodle. This cross is very easy to train and is well suited for family life. The puppies have less haircoat than the Golden Doodle, but more than a purebred Lab. Their haircoat can be from straight to wavy in nature and soft like the Golden Doodle. Originally bred for service dogs for people with allergies, they have quickly gained popularity as a good natured family pet. The F2 cross is nonshedding.
Cedar's Grizzlefoshizleminizzle

Cedar's Grizzlefoshizleminizzle X Riverbluff's Honeysuckle
F2 Labradoodle puppies
cream, buff, and red puppies
45-60 pounds full grown
Puppies due in late October
F1 Red Labradoodle
OFA excellent certified hips and elbows-normal
F1 Cream Labradoodle
OFA certified hips and elbows-normal
Mini Labaradoodles
Golden Doodles
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Proudly donated to Warm Hearth Village in Blacksburg, Va.
Congratulations on your new resident dog! We wish you and the residents many years of happiness with "Marley"!

Phantom color
Black color
Riverbluff's Honeysuckle

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