Riverbluff's Sophia Belle
F1 Mini Labradoodle
Full Grown
Sophie is a great example of what an F1 puppy will look like full grown!
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Meet Our Girl
"Sophie" is a wonderful , playful F1 labradoodle. She is a beautiful red color and weighs 35 pounds. She is an excellent house dog and can retrieve as well as any of the Labs! She is a great example of an F1 mini Labradoodle!
Cream medium Labradoodle
 35 pounds
OFA Certified hips and elbows
F1 red mini Labradoodle
preliminary hips and elbows
32 pounds
Available Puppies
Riverbluff's Grizzly Bear x Riverbluff's Paisley
F1b Black, cream and apricot puppies
30-40 pounds full grown
Due in early February
Riverbluff's Grizzly Bear x Riverbluff's Ivy
F1b Black, cream, and apricot, mini to medium puppies
30-40 pounds full grown
Born end of December!
Ready for homes!
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Adult Dogs/Older trained puppies
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Mini Golden Doodles
 Mini Labradoodles- Riverbluff Retrievers
Characters in their own right, F1 Labradoodles are a wonderful fun loving cross of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. They maintain some of the best characteristics of both breeds. The playful retriever personality is a very fine trait with the low to no shedding hair coat of the poodle. This cross is very easy to train and is well suited for family life. The puppies hair coats can vary within each litter. The hair coat can be straight, wavy, or curly depending on the different crosses and individual puppy. Originally bred for service dogs for people with allergies, they have quickly gained popularity as a good natured family pet.

There are several different crosses that make up the labradoodle cross breed. The first is an F1 cross which is a pure bred Labrador Retriever bred to a pure bred Poodle. The second is an F1B cross which is a F1 Labradoodle bred to a pure bred poodle. This cross is 1/4 Labrador and 3/4 poodle and produces the most hypoallergenic coats for these cross breeds. The coats are woolier and will require grooming. Even some F1b's can still be low shedding. The last is an F2 cross which is a labradoodle to a labradoodle. This cross also produces lower shedding to nonshedding, woolier coats in most of the puppies.
Riverbluff's Grizzly Bear
Riverbluff's  Sam I Am
Riverbluff's Ivy
AKC brindle and white Poodle
35 Pounds
OFA Certified hips and elbows
Riverbluff's Grizzly Bear
AKC brindle and white Poodle
35 Pounds
OFA Certified hips and elbows
Labradoodle puppies $1500 plus tax
Labradoodle puppies $1500 plus tax
deposit to reserve is $300
Labradoodle puppies $1500 plus tax
Deposit to reserve puppy $300
Sammi is an adorable
24 pound, red, miniature poodle. He loves being a lap dog and is wonderful in the house.
Available Puppies
Riverbluff's Paisley
Riverbluff's Sam I Am x Riverbluff's Wild Berry
F1 cream and apricot puppies
35-50 pounds full grown
Due in late March