Mini Golden Doodles- Riverbluff Retrievers
Golden Doodles are a wonderful cross breed that have many great characteristics from each breed. They are wonderfully affectionate and friendly like the Golden retriever and have the nonshedding, hypoallergenic coat like the poodle. They are perfect for families who suffer from dog allergies. Our upcoming cross is an f1b cross, which is a Golden Doodle crossed with a minature poodle. These will be miniature to medium Golden Doodles with the least allergenic coats of the doodle crosses.
Riverbluff's Clover
Riverbluff's Sam I Am
Mini Labradoodles
Adult Dogs
Clover is an F1 Golden Doodle. She is sweet and silly and thinks everyone is a great friend. She has a beautiful, soft, wavy Golden Doodle coat and weighs about 38 pounds.
Sammi is an adorable
24 pound, red, miniature poodle. He loves being a lap dog and is wonderful in the house.
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Previous Puppies
Riverbluff's Sam I Am X Riverbluff's Clover
Cream and red medium puppies
 30-40 pounds full grown
Next available spring 2019
Check out our F1b mini labradoodles
many look just like golden doodles!
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mini golden doodle puppy
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